Make your healthy lifestyle a game or competition for the whole family

Those of you who have children may find it difficult to maintain healthy eating habits on a regular basis. Depending on what families usually eat or how often you have allowed your children to eat fast foods (or fast foods), healthy eating is more difficult than ever today.

Not only are there fast food restaurants plastered on practically every big corner of the street, but even at home, you can find an advertisement after a commercial show on TV creatively displaying new combo meals, hamburgers, or the latest toys offered with meals for children. All this makes your work as a parent harder to get children to realize that most of the food offered in these places is not healthy and will not do a good body.

This is one of the main reasons why it may be difficult to tear children away from fast foods, especially if they are a common phenomenon. Regardless of this fact, it can be used as an excellent educational opportunity. An opportunity for you to teach your children about the importance of their health and caring for their bodies. Depending on how old they are and how graphically you want to do it, you can find great pictures and sources of all things related to health on the Internet, along with visual examples of obese people, clogged arteries, heart attacks, and so on.

Raise them about the fact that if they don’t care about their bodies and don’t eat in a healthy way, these scenarios can become real-life situations for them as they age, if they are not careful.

It can then be explained how the family now intends to commit to starting a healthy diet to prevent scenarios such as those mentioned above. To make it even more tempting, especially for children, plan all your efforts for healthy eating around the game or competition with a cool prize at the end. The prize may be entirely up to you and what your children like to do, but here are some ideas to make you think about some opportunities.

How do they find themselves on a trip to their favorite restaurant after a month of healthy eating? Or it’s better to adapt it to changes in health, a trip to a water park or a local carnival/circle. What about a bowling alley or miniature golf? It is important to maintain the value of the prize in relation to the duration and duration of the competition. A trip to Disneyland after eating a healthy meal for one week is not really relative. Maybe a trip to Disneyland after 6 months or a year of healthy eating would be a bit more realistic. However, starting with this great commitment will probably be too long when we just get used to this new healthy lifestyle. Children need to be reminded more often why they should stick to their efforts.

Keep the initial goals and rewards within a month or two, so that your children receive rewards in a relatively short time for their efforts. As your family gets a couple of rewards under the belts, you can go forward and extend the time and opt for bigger rewards if you want. You can even make this a double rewarding type of scenario. A small monthly reward in the form of a trip to a local ice cream parlor or a film of your choice, but then the long “annual” commitment will end up with something a little bigger. In fact, what you think is best for your whole family to be excited and motivated to make this healthy change is crucial here.

Starting with this, you may have to slowly put them away from eating sideways, especially if they eat this way regularly. That’s why you can start by allowing them to order from their favorite place once a week. Then next month, only every second week. Maybe when you’re there, your children remember what you taught and showed them, so instead of cheese and French fries they choose a hamburger and a cup of fruit. Instead of soda, a healthy bottle of water.

Also, think about how you’ll keep track of their progress. A large graph creatively labels creatively and colorfully illustrated will help you immensely motivated. A catchy title such as “Our Healthy Accidents” or “Month of Magic” with empty places where every day, when healthy meals are eaten, a star or sticker is placed so that everyone can see the progress visually and where they are in relation to their culminating reward.

Remember that you know your family best and you know what will and will not work with them. Think creatively when it comes to implementing this new healthy lifestyle because you know how important it is for their life and the kind of future you want them to have. Teach them, when they are young, how important it is to take care of their bodies so that they understand the benefits of what a sustainable way of life can provide them.

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