Hiring a Home Health Care Employee

It can be difficult to provide primary care to a loved one. When you cannot provide all the elder care yourself and the support of friends, family and community organizations is not enough, it may be helpful to hire a home health care los angeles. He or she can provide care from a few hours a week to 24 hours a day, and can provide many other useful services. Types of home health care services include:

General health management such as the administration of drugs or other medical treatments
Personal care such as bathing, oral hygiene, dressing and shaving.
Nutritional assistance such as meal preparation, food assistance and grocery store assistance
Housekeeping services, including laundry, dishwashing and light housekeeping.
Comradeship, such as reading to the senior or taking him for walks
Recruitment and interview of candidates
There are many ways to hire a home health care employee. In general, home health workers can be hired directly or through an agency. Home health care agencies often have staff that include social workers and nurses who take care of your care. However, hiring a self-employed home health care worker is generally more cost-effective, but it will also give you more control over the type of care you receive.

Older homecare workers should be carefully selected to ensure that they have the appropriate training, qualifications and temperament. Discuss in detail the needs of the elderly person during an interview with a future home health care employee. There should be a written copy of the job description and the type of experience you are looking for.

References and references

Ask candidates to complete an employment form that includes the following information:

Surname and first name
Telephone number
Date of birth
Social security number
Educational level
Professional background
Before hiring, you should ask to see the licenses and certificates of older home care workers, if applicable, as well as their personal identification documents, including their social security card, driver’s license or photo ID card.
References must be thoroughly checked. Prospective employees should provide the employer with the names, dates of employment and telephone numbers of their previous employers and how to contact them. It is better to talk directly to previous employers rather than simply accept letters of recommendation. Also ask the applicant to provide or approve a criminal background check.

Specific points to consider

Make sure that the person you are considering hiring knows how to perform the tasks they need, such as transferring the older person from one wheelchair or bed to another. Training may be available, but make sure the worker has successfully completed the training before hiring.

No one should be hired seven days a week. Even the most dedicated employees will soon be exhausted. All employees need time to take care of their personal needs. No worker should be on call 24 hours a day. If the senior requires frequent overnight supervision or care, a family member or home health care worker should be able to assist or replace the senior.

The home help may seem more practical and economical than the hourly or daily help, but it can have disadvantages. Food and shelter costs must be calculated as part of the total cost of care, and it may be difficult to send someone back without immediate housing solutions. If you decide to use a dwelling, the employee should have his or her own dwelling, free time and enough sleep.

Employment Expectations and Considerations

Before hiring a senior home health care worker, you should review the tasks you expect him or her to perform and other issues, such as timeliness, benefits, salary range, leave, vacation, absences and the time required to inform the employer or employee before termination. If you are working and heavily dependent on the home health care worker, emphasize the importance of being informed as soon as possible if he or she will be late or absent so that you can make alternative arrangements.

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